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Where to find the city’s most beautiful Easter chocolates

From bean-to-bar treats to artistic eggs, these Toronto chocolate purveyors have your Easter chocolate needs covered with their locally-made goodies.

David Chow’s artistic approach

Local pastry chef and chocolatier David H. Chow is known for making colourful, intricately decorated bonbons, bars and other chocolate creations. It perhaps comes as no surprise that Chow was an engineer by trade before becoming a pastry chef, with the geometric patterns of his chocolates reflecting an almost scientific level of detail. For Easter, expect chocolate shell eggs topped with yellow passion fruit couverture and white chocolate to resemble a “sunny side up” egg, as well as eggs decorated with graffiti-like splatter patterns. davidhchow.com


Soma Chocolatemaker

Award-winning Soma treats

Run by husband-and-wife team David Castellan and Cynthia Leung, Soma Chocolatemaker has scooped up numerous international awards for its exquisite bean-to-bar chocolate. They’re widely recognized as some of the best chocolatiers not just in Canada, but in the world. Their spring holiday selection includes stunning Easter pods, which are designed to look like wild cacao pods. They feature egg-shaped pods in blueberries & cream or sour cherry flavours, set onto a twisting hand-sculpted nest of hazelnut. somachocolate.com


Stubbe Chocolates

Daniel Stubbe’s traditional treats

A sixth generation konditor (confectioner), chef Daniel Stubbe grew up learning the art of chocolate making in his family’s pastry shop in Germany. With Stubbe Chocolates, the chef aims to bring a modern approach to European chocolate-making traditions. The shop’s newest Easter treat is a Smash Egg, a chocolate shell painted with coloured cocoa butter, which can be cracked open to reveal a filling of berry clusters, milk almond clusters, nonpareils, tropfin and florentines. Stubbe also does classics like Easter bunnies and chicks. stubbechocolates.com


Soul Chocolate

Soul Chocolate’s small-batch snacks

Katie Wilson was inspired to get into the bean-to-bar chocolate business after touring chocolate-makers in Australia and New Zealand. She now makes small-batch chocolate from scratch at her Toronto café, Soul Chocolate, which she co-owns with her husband Kyle. Easter offerings include a higher-quality take on a classic chocolate bunny, made with 60 per cent Madagascar dark milk chocolate, and milk chocolate eggs filled with salted caramel “yolk” and creamy “egg white” fondant or marshmallow swirled with raspberry. soulroasters.com

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