Toronto fashion week

Toronto Fashion Week has been cancelled

A bi-annual celebration that was once considered to be the leading fashion event in Canada is on hiatus. 

For the last 20 years, Toronto Fashion Week celebrated Canadian fashion, arts, and culture by allowing local designers to present their work to the world on chic catwalks across Yorkville. But on Tuesday, TFW organizers stated that they will be rethinking their platform.



“In order to best support the needs of the fashion community here in Canada, we’ve made the very difficult decision to pause production of our biannual event in order to rethink the platform and focus on how best to engage the industry, support designers and resonate with consumers across the country,” the organizers said in a Tweet. 

“We remain steadfast in our resolve to continue to passionately support the Toronto community and champion the Canadian industry overall, as well as nurture the relationships we have built and maintained since the inception of Toronto Fashion Week, twenty years ago.”



Toronto Fashion Week was founded in 1999 by the Fashion Design Council of Canada, a non-profit co-founded by Pat McDonagh and Robin Kay. The event was used as a means to showcase Canadian fashion to the international stage by giving designers access to critical media attention and buyers. It became a major hit in the industry, propelling brands such as Joe Fresh and drawing attention to Indigenous designer Lesley Hampton’s inclusive designs.



By 2012, TFW was sold. And a series of sponsorship withdrawals led to the demise of the once prestigious show. 

Social media reaction is mixed, with some trying to rally up local fashionistas to collaborate and “future proof” the industry. 



Others are sad to see the legendary show go — but are hoping for a comeback.



While some believe this represents the demise of the fashion industry as we know it, a sign that fast fashion has somehow replaced quality. 



Glen Baxter, a former media strategist at Toronto Fashion Week, tweeted: “Canadian designers showing at Toronto Fashion Week were never part of the fast fashion industry though. Quite the opposite. They deserve our support.”

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