7 celebratory takeout tipples to help ring in the New Year

Libations that will help you forget 2020

On December 31st, don’t just sit there alone in your living room wearing sweatpants. Add some pomp to your New Year’s celebrations: Don your fanciest joggers and raise a glass to what was, possibly, one of the worst years on record. Here are seven New Year’s Eve cocktail kits that’ll help you forget the blur that was 2020.

Minami’s Chikara Cheers

Minami new year's eve cocktail

“This cocktail nods to our strength for surviving 2020,” says Nick Meyer, Minami’s head bartender. “Yuzu symbolizes resilience as it can weather the harshness of winters and chikara means ‘strength.’” The drink’s low alcohol content and coconut water base mean that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed on New Year’s Day. Each kit comes with Tsukasa-Botan Yamayuzu Nashi Yuzushu (a yuzu sake), Fever Tree Soda and O.N.E. coconut water, as well as four dehydrated pineapple wheels for garnish. $65; available for pickup at Minami Toronto by direct order via phone 416-519-9182 or email info@minamitoronto.com

Project Gigglewater’s 2020 Sabbatical

Project Gigglewater’s 2020 Sabbatical new year's eve cocktail kit

You likely won’t be able to hop on a plane to somewhere warm for at least another few months, but you can assuage your sadness with a few sips of this potent tropical potion. This mix of Appleton VX Rum, lime, falernum and coconut water tastes like what walking on a beach feels like. $65; order online at projectgigglewater.com

Civil Liberties’ NYE Box

Civil Liberties' new years eve cocktail kit
This Bloor West speakeasy, known for their creative quaffs, has got your evening covered. Of course, Civil Liberties‘ NYE box comes with a bottle of champagne (the real French stuff) to pop during the countdown. But what will really add some zest to your evening festivities are the two mystery cocktails. Sip and guess what drink you’ve been dealt: Maybe it’s a classic, like a negroni or an old fashioned. Or, maybe it’s one of their in-house creations like Payday Blues. $150; order online at civillibertiesbar.com

Lobby’s Rosebae

lobby new years eve cocktail kit

Who needs rose-coloured glasses when you’re sipping on this pink-hued bracer from Lobby? As you watch the ball drop, just remember that each second that passes is one moment closer to the day we’re all vaccinated. But, for now, make the wait ever more pleasant with another sip of this tart-yet-cheery blend of vodka, cranberry juice and lemon-rosemary simple syrup. Note: Don’t get sticker shock on this one, this $135 kit comes with two (literal) glasses and makes about a dozen drinks; order online at lobbymrkt.ca

Grey Tiger’s Black Mirror Joyride


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Is it just us, or did the headlines this year seem like they were plucked from a Black Mirror script? Lean into the absurdity with this glibly christened drink from Grey Tiger, which marries Sombra Joven mezcal, rye, black cherry-infused baijiu and orange vermouth blend with some, appropriately, bitter coffee liqueur. $28; order online at greytiger.myshopify.com

Patois’ Rum Punch Cocktail

Patois' new years eve cocktail kit
Feel like punching 2020 in the face? Well, this doesn’t exactly sate that urge. However, this rum-based tropical punch from Patois will sneak up on you. And, after a few too many, it’ll be lights out — for you. But hey, a deep dreamless sleep isn’t the worst way to say a final goodnight to 2020. $38; order online at patoistoronto.com

GreenPort’s High Tropics

Greenport new year's eve cocktail
For those who prefer a green buzz over a boozy one, Vivianne Wilson — Canada’s first and only black female owner-operator of a licensed retail cannabis store — has created a tropical, cannabis cocktail that’s sure to add some oomph to your evening. Her recipe for this potent potion calls for Everie’s Dragon Fruit Watermelon Sparkling Beverage, Aurora’s THC Citrus shot, some diced THC-laced, berry-flavoured gummies and ginger ale. Due to red tape, Wilson can’t sell this as a kit, but you can put your own bundle together at greenport.store.

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