candace and michael

How an open mic night was the spark that brought Toronto pop duo Candace and Michael together

How Candace Leca and Michael Paglia fell in love through music

Musicians Candace Leca and Michael Paglia make up Toronto pop duo Candace and Michael. The pair recently released their EP My Way along with a music video for their new single “Truth Before The Lie.” We caught up with Candace, who is also a Much Studios Creator, to find out the love story that brought them together. And as you can imagine, it is all centred around their love of music.

How they met

Candace: Michael and I had been musicians playing and recording within our local music scene. Michael finally worked up the courage to reach out to me over social media to talk about life and music and that’s how we started talking.

The first date

Candace: For our first date, he took me to a local pub known for its great open mic nights. I could tell that he was nervous when he bought us both a drink and accidentally dropped his glass on the floor! I played a few songs and so did Michael. Michael says that when he heard me sing he knew my voice was the voice he needed to sing with.

Michael: One thing is for sure, when we heard each other perform that night, we knew that this was the start of something special.

The proposal

Candace: Michael and I vacationed at a villa in Tuscany, Italy where we sat overlooking beautiful Tuscan hills. He poured us a glass of wine and asked me to listen to a song and handed me his headphones. To my surprise, it was a beautiful song he wrote and recorded for me about spending the rest of our lives together. When the song ended he got down on one knee. A day I will cherish forever. I would hear this song again as it accompanied our first dance at our wedding.

candace and michael

The wedding

Candace: We were married at St. Paul’s Basilica in Toronto. A memorable moment at our wedding was when I surprised my dad during our father/daughter dance with a recording Michael and I made of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” — a song he often sang to me as a child! That memorable moment turned into something so much bigger years later when 20th Century Fox knocked on our door asking to use the song in the TV sitcom New Girl.

The offspring

Candace: We have one beautiful and bright little boy named Leo. He is 20 months old.

Balancing careers and marriage

Candace: It can be tricky but we found with a little bit of planning, we can always carve out time for us to reconnect.

Shared hobbies and interests

Candace: Making music and watching The Bachelor, although Michael will never admit that he loves that show.

Secret of success

Candace: Approaching life through an artistic lens. Thinking of what “could” be without allowing what “should” be to play a role in our decision-making.

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