lmnts outdoor yoga dome

Toronto is getting 50 private, clear geodesic domes for yoga classes

Even with the stage two reopening of the province underway, one thing that is certain is that fitness classes, gyms and workout studios are still not allowed to reopen. So that means your weekly yoga class won’t be coming back until maybe stage three, however one company has created an alternative. Starting June 21, lmnts Outdoor Studio is partnering with local fitness studios and instructors to conduct outdoor yoga classes with participants each inside their own private dome.

“Now more than ever, it’s important that we work together to provide consumers with safe and creative ways that they can stay healthy and active while physical distancing measures are in place,” says Steve Georgiev, founder of lmnts Outdoor Studio.

The outdoor yoga classes are made possible by the 50 private, clear, frameless geodesic domes that allow for safe physical distancing. The domes are seven feet tall and 12 feet wide, providing ample space for one to partake in a yoga class. The environment within the dome also mimics that of a hot yoga experience.

In order to bring this event to life, Georgiev and the lmnts team collaborated with local fitness studios and instructors such as 10XTO which is part of Hotel X, Solis Movement, BeHot Yoga, Mula Yoga, Common Ground, Chi Junky, John Victa, Beverley Cheng and Kelsey Rose.

“By partnering with some of Toronto’s most well-known hot yoga and fitness studios, lmnts provides consumers with a creative way to stay active, mindful and healthy with their favourite instructors,” says lmnts in a press release. “lmnts offers health and wellness enthusiasts a responsible way of attending regular fitness classes, during a challenging time where attending regular group fitness classes are not possible due to restrictions in place in the wake of COVID-19.”



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If the domes look familiar, that’s because this is not the first time they are being used in Toronto. The domes appeared in the city last spring for the Dinner With A View event that took place at The Bentway.

The classes run throughout the day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and are available in four different packages. The packages are called earth, water, air and fire and range from three classes starting at $99 and go up to 20 classes for a total of $480. Participants are also asked to bring their own mats, water bottles and towels, or they can purchase the necessary items on-site.

Classes include hot HIIT pilates, vinyasa yoga, full body sweat, sculpt and tone, slow flow yoga, yin yoga and original hot yoga.

Tickets go on sale today at lmntsoutdoorstudio.com and classes begin June 21 until July 31. The event takes place at the Stanley Barracks located at Hotel X Toronto on the North Plaza patio.

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