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Local baker celebrates Toronto’s dining scene with custom cookies

Toronto baker Alicia Didow is paying tribute to some of the city’s most well-known establishments, one cookie at a time. Piano Piano, Chubby’s Jamaican, Maple Leaf Tavern and the Cocktail Emporium are just some of the beloved businesses featured in her latest series.

The 32-year-old baker was working full-time in the hospitality industry before she was laid off at the start of the pandemic. With some free time on her hands, Didow turned her energy toward this creative endeavour in an effort to show support for local restaurants at a time when they need it most.



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“I took a sugar cookie design class at the start of the lockdown and it blossomed into this project,” Didow said. “It’s been a struggle to see so many restaurants close and it hit me how serious all of this was and how much it would impact the industry.”

Lately, Didow has recreated some of city’s most elaborate restaurant interiors, from the pink and pastel hues at Cafe Cancan to the Art Deco-inspired aesthetic at Oretta.



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Although diners have gone months without seeing the inside of some of their favourite restaurants, that’s about to change as the city prepares to enter Stage 3 of reopening this weekend.

“I used this as an opportunity to show some love to the places I love and make people mindful that they’re open again and are taking business,” she added.

Didow is accepting orders for a half-dozen to a dozen custom cookies at a time. Each cookie is roughly $12 and Didow can be contacted via Instagram or at

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