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  • You won’t be finding any cheeseburgers at this midtown smokehouse! ‘Que is a community-oriented smokehouse and brew locale where the all the meat that’s cut is kosher. It still has all the barbecue classics and favourites, just made without dairy. Menu options include a smoked brisket, which may or may not give your bubbie a

  • Every day is Rib Fest at this central Texas‒style barbecue joint. AAA Bar is serving up some of the city’s best barbecue and isn’t ashamed to say it. The award-winning dry-rub ribs, brisket and other favourites are smoked daily and made to feed the masses. At AAA, they also are proud to tell their guests

  • Adamson BBQ

    Adam Skelly and Alison Hunt opened Adamson Barbecue in Leaside and claim it is Toronto’s only authentic Texas-style barbecue operation.

  • Cooking from the heart and serving up some good ol’ southern comfort food, Barque Smokehouse is Roncesvalle’s local for refined and ridiculously good barbecue. Longtime friends and corporate servants Dave Neinstein and Jon Persofsky decided to leave their suits behind and open up a restaurant serving their favourite food. While Persofsky went to George Brown

  • Like many residents living near Bayview and Sheppard, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Beauty Barbecue and Smokehouse. Over the last month or so, when walking across the parking lot at Bayview Village Shopping Centre, I’d occasionally catch a whiff of something smokey and delicious and I’d hope that the opening date would be soon. Well, the wait

  • Anthony Rose’s newest venture, Big Crow, is tucked behind his contemporary diner, Rose and Sons. The sign is not easy to see, so just follow the other rib-hungry patrons as they shuffle down the adjacent alley. Once you’ve hit the woodpile under emergency escape staircase, you’ve made it.

  • What do you get when you team up two local bagel shop owners with a South African barbecue chef? In this case, you get Boneyard Grill. Owners Ephraim Dloomy and Michael Sherkin are the team behind Bagel World, while chef-owner David Badler comes from Al’s Grillhouse in South Africa. The three of them teamed up to bring barbecued meals to Thornhill, something they thought the area was missing.

  • Three reasons for one destination: the grills. Busan Galmaegi Korean BBQ is the only Korean barbecue joint in Toronto that has three traditional grill options for its food. There’s the iron grill for raw cuts, the gridiron grilling style for marinated meats and the stone plate for the delicacy of beef intestines. Busan’s specialty is

  • With the recent openings of such restaurants as Electric Mud BBQ and Aft, and with other smokehouses still to come, Toronto is on a barbecue blitz. Now, Queen West’s longstanding Cadillac Lounge is getting in on the action. The bar has taken on consulting chef Michael Pataran (Windsor Arms Hotel, Rain) to launch a new

  • The purple velvet banquettes and colourful pop art line the walls of this industrial building. Once an old TV studio and underground club space, the interior of Carbon Bar is still reminiscent of a ’70s discotheque but has definitely been revamped and influenced by the movers and shakers of today. When you walk in, someone

  • Welcome to the smoking renaissance. No seriously, at Chainsmoker Urban Smoked Meats, they’re making smoking cool again. Cooking up an assortment of meats, Chainsmoker’s dishes are slow cooked on site in a South Carolina BBQ style. At Chainsmoker, they decided that while vegetarian and vegan restaurants continue to pop-up all over the city, someone’s got

  • Craving barbecue that you think you can only find south of the border? Think again. Cherry Street Bar-B-Que is serving up some drool-worthy smoked favourites right here in Toronto. Using a traditional smoking technique and only the best white oak, Cherry Street Bar-B-Que is not messing around when it comes to meat. Serving up all

  • Thoughtfully sourced and cooked to perfection, Earlscourt BBQ is cooking up some superb southern barbecue in Toronto’s Corso Italia. Created by Pork Ninjas, this barbecue joint is the perfect place for a gathering of hungry friends ready to sit down and share some grub. The interior, which is painted red and covered in flames screams

  • Favorites Thai BBQ - 5 dishes

    At first glance Favorites Thai BBQ doesn’t look outwardly Thai, in fact it’s the exact opposite. The light and airy space nods towards an influence of Spanish revival with its rounded passageways and clam pastel hues. The serenity is met with a 70’s inspired terrazzo floor and hippie beads that double as a back-room doorway,

  • If you peer through the front window of the Junction’s newest butcher shop, Gourmeats, you’ll see barn beam table with three stools. No, this little nook isn’t for munching on your prepared foods (they aren’t making any, at least not yet) — it’s the meal-planning table.

  • Ask chef Eric Wood about fusion cuisine, and he says it’s become the scarlet letter of the restaurant industry. But fusion still has its place in his kitchen.

  • From the communal table-cooked options to the bibimbob take on the rice, Little Piggy’s has the whole Korean BBQ experience covered for Annex residents and U of T students.

  • The life of a pitmaster can be a complicated one. The lengthy list of concerns can include any or all of the following: marinades, brines, injections, rubs, wood, fire, sauces, smoke and of course, meat. Just about everything involved is time-consuming. But Alex Rad, owner and chef of the newly opened SmoQue N Bones, is keeping things simple.

  • North Toronto is smokin’ these days, both literally and figuratively. In recent months, the area around Yonge and Lawrence has seen a slew of new restaurant openings, including Riz, The Burger’s Priest and now a 4,000 square-foot smokehouse called Stack. It’s been busy since it opened.

  • At Stockyards, they only fire up the smoker Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, so ribs are on offer from 5 p.m. on those days. They sell out around 6:30 p.m., so call at 5 p.m., show up at 5:30 p.m. and take out dinner, because it’s no fun eating at the hectic counter. The ribs are