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  • For a corporate, fast-casual food counter that has aggressively expanded (five locations in the GTA opened in just two years), b.good is not afraid to show their patrons how the proverbial sausage is made. Portraits of smiling farmers in lush fields hang on the wall in their Yonge and Eglinton outpost.

  • beer2beer- pulled pork

    Beer2Beer is Kensington Market destination for beer, burgers and bumpin’ beats. Totally community-oriented, Beer2Beer only has local brews on tap, some coming from brew houses right down the street, like all the Kensington Brewing Company ales and lagers Beer2Beer has on tap. The food is delicious, and you can feel good enjoying it because of,

  • What do you get when you team up two local bagel shop owners with a South African barbecue chef? In this case, you get Boneyard Grill. Owners Ephraim Dloomy and Michael Sherkin are the team behind Bagel World, while chef-owner David Badler comes from Al’s Grillhouse in South Africa. The three of them teamed up to bring barbecued meals to Thornhill, something they thought the area was missing.

  • Meet a vegetarian’s hell and a carnivore’s heaven: Burgatory. At times you can catch Burgatory’s food truck, but you can always mosey on over to the Little Italy storefront and enjoy what the mother and son team are cooking up. Well, it’s the son who’s cooking up and the mother who’s making sure everything runs

  • This Ossington burger joint is serving up some sweet two-handed sandwiches and wants you to come take a bite. After travelling abroad and eating his way through a number of countries, owner Jamil Bhuya decided he wanted a way to decorate his favourite canvas, burgers and fries, with the multicultural ingredients and flavour profiles he

  • The term "food court" does not traditionally conjure up favourable mental images. Prompting memories of greasy fast-food fare consumed under dingy lighting and a seemingly perpetual lack of seating, the food court, along with the high-school lunchroom and the prison cafeteria, has always been on par with some of the least glamorous forms of institutional dining. Yorkdale Shopping Centre's Dine on 3 food collection aims to change that.

  • By next year, close to 2,000 people will be living inside Yonge and Gerrard’s Aura, Canada’s tallest residential tower. And they’ll have no shortage of places to eat nearby thanks to SIR Corp, which is responsible for several restaurants on the ground floor: Reds Midtown Tavern, Scaddabush and Duke’s Refresher + Bar.

  • As a saucier at London’s hoity-toity The Savoy, Daniel Janetos cooked for some of the most illustrious clientele in the world. But he’d trade that any day for his current gig as head chef at the rustic Farmhouse Tavern, opened yesterday at Dupont and Dundas, where his carefully-curated menu highlights the best of Ontario’s bounty.

  • Tiny restaurants are a thing. And Gold Standard is one of the many gems you’ll find. The team behind The Federal, famed for its brunch offering has partnered up with Reunion Island for the food equivalent of a speakeasy. Doling out a tight menu of sandwiches and Detroit-style burgers from the side window of Reunion

  • Gold Standard on Queen packs a lot of flavour into a small space and for a small price. Only serving up sandwiches — burgers very much included — at $6 each, Gold Standard will make you want to stick around. With only two seats and a counter, though, this Parkdale locale will get you wandering around

  • Since 1964, the Doria family has been flipping some of Thornhill’s best charbroiled burgers at Golden Star. The yellow star sign extends high into the air, signalling burger lovers from far and wide that the Star is near. Since Frank Doria and his family opened up the place in the ’60s, not much has changed.

  • Harbord Street continues to be a top-notch culinary destination in Toronto. It’s home to the legendary Splendido, and also to The Harbord Room and its sister restaurant, THR & Co. The Food Dudes chose the neighbourhood for their upcoming venture, Tabula Rasa, and about a month ago Harvest Kitchen opened up in the space previously occupied by Tati Bistro.

  • Holier than the Priest, Chuck’s mission is that same all-American flat-top burger with American cheese on a buttered bun. We’re wowed by their signature The Holy Chuck: Two fat patties, rich and juicy, topped with caramelized onion, bacon and cheese. Don’t ask for ketchup; they’re religious about their toppings. Almost as much fun is the

  • There may be no White Castles outside of the United States, but Toronto’s King’s Drive-In bears an uncanny resemblance. Once inside, though, the blue, orange and white colour scheme is traded in for kitschy, nostalgic decor, like custom-made tabletops with the King’s Drive-In logo and vintage Coca-Cola ads. The menu is typical of a fast-food

  • Madame Boeuf and Flea is Anthony Rose’s summer destination for a little eating and a little shopping. In his own words, Rose calls Madame Boeuf’s backyard barbecue food “stupid simple.” The menu is comprised of classic favourites, like burgers loaded with toppings, cheese fries with a house-made cheese sauce, shrimp cocktails and ice cream from

  • Toronto used to have terrible burgers: overcooked hockey pucks on too-big, too-tough buns. But over the last decade, thanks to a renaissance led by the Burger’s Priest, you can now get good burgers all over town. Even in Kensington Market there are two more burger shops (the Burgernator, Top Gun Steak & Burger) within a

  • The chefs behind Baro and Home of the Brave have taken over the former home of SpiritHouse and have transformed it into a laid-back bar.

  • Rag Doll Eatery is now open in the space that formerly housed Dutch snack bar Noorden. Rock music from the ’80s and ’90s fills the new eatery, where the focus is on comfort food. The name “Rag Doll” is a nod to the Aerosmith song, but it also holds a deeper meaning for owner Pandora Volkov. “A rag doll is something that as

  • Regulars, a new venture by Patrick and Nadar Marzouk, fills a void on the uber hip, sometimes unapproachably elite King West strip in Toronto. The Marzouk brothers, well known for their first two restaurants in Mississauga and their Yorkville mainstay, Figures, have poised the aptly named outpost to become the Cheers of King and Bathurst. In a moment of pure serendipity, Patrick and Nadar were offered this dream location when the owner

  • What would happen if two cowboy-themed bars opened up simultaneously in Toronto? Would the space-time continuum implode? We’ll soon find out, because two new saloons — Boots & Bourbon and Rock ‘n’ Horse — hosted their grand opening parties on Wednesday.