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  • Bespoke Butchers is a craft butcher shop with three locations in Toronto in the Annex, Leslieville and Queen West neighbourhoods. The butcher shop regards itself as a social venture that only works with farmers that use the best methods of animal husbandry, as well as farmers who prioritize animal welfare and long-term sustainability of the

  • Côte de Bœuf

    Opened on Ossington earlier this week is the long-awaited Côte de Boeuf, a project from Chasen Gillies and Teo Paul of the nearby Union restaurant. The store, previously a flower shop, bills itself simply: “select grocer, butcher, meals.”

  • Cumbrae's

    Cumbrae’s is Toronto’s top artisanal butcher. The beautifully designed interior sports marble countertops and hanging chalkboards that feature the day’s specials and cuts, in beautiful script, along with imported goods, so pretty you might not want to eat them. Cumbrae’s oozes luxury. The cuts of meat sit serenely behind the glass cases along with multiple

  • This uptown kosher butcher knows good meats and wants to bring the old-world butcher shop into the modern era. Magen Meats is Thornhill’s number one kosher butcher. Providing the best-quality and most affordable meat to the suburbanites, Magen Meats has become pretty popular among the COR community. With countless raw and prepared options, this butcher/deli

  • After 35 years in the butcher biz, Olliffe knows what it’s doing. Owners Sam and Ben Gundy oversee Summerhill’s purveyor of top-notch meats, while head butcher Erica Jamieson — recently the subject of a Maclean’s piece — helps run the team of butchers. A complete reno three years ago freed up more space for the wide selection of meat, which includes Ontario elk, Quebecois Cornish hen and Australia Wagyu beef.

  • Roast Fine Foods

    Build a streetcar right-of-way, and the condos will quickly follow. From there it's just a short jump to excellent restaurants and full-service butcher shops. Such is the course of events that helped bring Ben Latchford's Roast Fine Foods to Hillcrest Village.

  • butchers son

    The Butcher’s Son is one of the best local butcher shops in midtown, located just south of the bustling Yonge and Eglinton intersection on Yonge Street at Manor Road East. The shop is run by Matthew Kumphrey who — you guessed it — is the son of a butcher. Kumphrey teamed up with executive chef

  • Ken and Donna MacDonald opened The Friendly Butcher in the Yonge and Lawrence neighbourhood to serve their uptown Toronto community. The butcher shop works with family-owned farms in Ontario to provide customers with locally-sourced meats that are traditionally raised and high quality. Patrons can order meat by the pound directly from the butcher shop’s website

  • The Healthy Butcher

    Buying healthy meat that was raised humanely should be easier and more accessible. This problem is the solution to which the Healthy Butcher is the answer. The meat only comes from animals that were raised humanely and fed a diet of real food that is natural to their diet without the injection of drugs. True

  • In 1957, Vince Gasparro moved from a small town in southeastern Italy to Toronto where, three years later, he continued his family’s tradition and opened up his own butcher shop. Vince Gasparro’s Meat Market has been thriving ever since. And for good reason: Vince Gasparro only gets the best, most humanely raised local beef, pork,