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  • Fahmee Bakery

    Freshly baked Jamaican beef patties, cocoa bread and sticky buns tickle your fancy? Well scurry on down to Scarborough’s Fahmee Bakery and Jamaican Foods. Fahmee Bakery, run by a Chinese-Jamaican “fahmee,” has looked the same for decades. Yelp reviewers call it “dirty,” “run down” and “sketchy.” We call it character. The patties are crispy on

  • Mr. Jerk was one of my first food loves as a young, broke person. This was back when it was located at Yonge and Dundas, surrounded by video game arcades and they still sold single cigarettes for a quarter. Maybe I’m prejudiced by my nostalgia for those heaping portions of rice and beans with oxtail

  • If you head down to Kensington Market and walk by Rasta Pasta, there’s a good chance you’ll see co-owner Magnus Patterson making jerk chicken outside — using a black oil drum barbecue that reminds you of street-side vendors in the Caribbean.

  • No matter what time of the year or day, Roywoods is dependable for bringing the sunshine. This Caribbean eatery has its third location in the Union Station food court, making it just one of the many restaurants that are redefining what food court dining can be. Roywoods is serving up its famous jerk chicken sandwiches