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  • Foodwares Market might be an adult version of the high school cafeteria, but this subterranean spot is ideal for those who wish to escape the never-ending thrum of the PATH. Tucked inside Queen station and the lower level of the Bay, this little market is serving up some supremely delicious baked goods and awesome savoury

  • In my opinion, Bosnian cuisine is a rarity in the GTA, and you’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant that serves authentic fare if you don’t know someone who's from the Balkans. Luckily, there’s Mak European Delicatessens, where tasty cevapi are not too far away.

  • market 707 exteriors

    I’ve decided that I’m going to start eating things that are widely considered to be gross, and I’m going to write about it. I understand that this is not a novel idea, nor is it necessarily interesting, but I’m going to do it anyway, just for kicks.

  • Situated across from the iconic Lee’s Palace, the Annex location of Rowe Farms is a breath of fresh air from the street-side hustle and bustle. Local products from Kozlik’s, Toorshi Foods and Fred’s Bread line the shelves, though the main attraction is the Ontario-raised meat. Free of antibiotics, growth hormones and animal by-products, the meat comes loaded with flavour.

  • Stock T.C

    Stock T.C represents a partnership between two of the biggest household names in Toronto’s food scene. The one-stop shop in the historic Postal Station K is an amalgamation of the no-waste and made-from-scratch philosophies behind Stephen Alexander’s Cumbrae’s and Cosimo Mammoliti’s Terroni empire. The building dates back to 1936, and although the relationship between these

  • summerhill market- green gazpacho

    Deep in the heart of Rosedale, Summerhill Market has been the neighbourhood’s favourite boutique grocery store since 1954. Specializing in very high-quality products and ingredients, this grocery store is where you can find homemade artisanal goods like cookies, breads, energy balls, salads and the crispiest, most crunchiest chips of your life. In addition, Summerhill carries

  • In 1957, Vince Gasparro moved from a small town in southeastern Italy to Toronto where, three years later, he continued his family’s tradition and opened up his own butcher shop. Vince Gasparro’s Meat Market has been thriving ever since. And for good reason: Vince Gasparro only gets the best, most humanely raised local beef, pork,