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  • Last weekend, after a three-month build, Bazara Asian Cuisine opened on the ever-growing Ossington strip. Owned by chef Sammy Yang and his wife Suzanne, the new restaurant takes over the space previously occupied by Goed Eten. It’s a dramatic change from the previous diner.

  • Chotto Matte

    New Japanese-Peruvian spot has outposts in St. Tropez, London, and Miami. This is their first Canadian foray.

  • Koji Tashiro, the head chef of JaBistro, the new modern Japanese restaurant at Richmond and Simcoe, does more than make food. Watching him cook is like watching a performance.

  • Over at Bloor and Clinton in Koreatown, Japas opened in the old Camto corner lot on Wednesday. The concept: a Japanese tapas and oyster bar with plenty of Japanese beer and cocktails flowing. It’s also meant to be distinctly un-izakaya in nature (read: no yelling and no gongs) while offering a fun, casual space for people to meet and share a few bites over drinks.  

  • A stretch of Etobicoke a stone’s throw from a Costco isn’t where you’d assume one of the city’s — not to mention Canada’s — top sushi restaurants would reside. And yet chef Mitsuhiro Kaji has been sitting pretty for almost two decades, masterfully serving his omakase menu to an ever-keen array of diners willing to

  • KaKa, a popular spot for unlimited sushi, has opened its first location in the downtown core.


    There’s a newbie in North York’s Koreatown strip: Kayagum. Situated in the space previously occupied by The Party Restaurant at Yonge and Finch, it sticks out among the plethora of other Korean options we have in this town, not least because starting next week it plans to stay open 24 hours a day.

  • Masaki Saito

    Michelin star sushi chef Masaki Saito is serious about sushi. His background in marine biology and perseverance working from the bottom up in Japanese sushi kitchens invigorated his passion to create masterful edomae-style sushi. Growing up in Hokkaido, Japan, Saito, always interested in the art of sushi and with a grassroots approach, worked his way

  • Matsuda Sushi

    Here at Matsuda Sushi, they’re versed in the art of indulgence. With an AYCE menu that is sure to fill you up again and again, Matsuda encourages you to come with a larger party to enjoy the true feast that’s offered here. Matsuda strives to provide quality service and food for a price tag that’s

  • Since opening in 2016, Miku has become the prime date night spot south of Queen Street. And beyond slim pickings in the area around Queen’s Quay, it’s no wonder why: Its main innovation, the aburi sushi, is a lightly torched morsels of fresh, creamy, and visually stunning slice of the season’s freshest catch on a

  • Sushi + Kitchen may be one of three Project:Fish spaces, but they are the only people in Richmond Hill doing aburi. The flame-seared method of sushi making has been a significant factor in cementing Project:Fish as a North York favourite, in addition to the fresh fish served and oshi (layered and pressed sushi) unique to

  • At Rolltation, they want to blend the city’s dynamic and multicultural cuisine and roll it all up into a sushi burrito. With a fully customizable menu, this fresh fast-food paradise wants you to pick and chose your way through its fresh ingredients to create the sushi burrito that’s perfect for you. If you’re living in

  • At Shoushin, Lawrence Park’s new omakase-only outpost, Chef Jackie Lin is fixated on the idea of improvement. The three tiers of his tasting menu reflect the deep experience he gained from working at Zen Japanese Restaurant for 12 years.

  • A dinner at Shunoko may just be the best sushi you have in this city. The refined menu features expected, classic maki rolls, like a spicy tuna, but also has inventive and perhaps unlikely pairings, such as the blue fin tuna sashimi with little bocconcini balls topped with a balsamic drizzle. The key at Shunoko,

  • Forget everything you once knew about sushi. With a unique vision and a urge to push the envelope, Sushi Shop has developed one of the largest sushi empires in Canada. Starting with the first shop in Montreal to having over 150 locations nationwide, Sushi Shop cares about serving great sushi to the masses. This location

  • Tora, the newest venture from Aburi Restaurants Canada (the team behind Miku Toronto and Miku Waterfront in Vancouver), has just opened in Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This concept is a twist on the classic sushi train: Instead of grabbing items off a rotating track you select made-to-order items with the tablet that’s on each table. Scroll through the touch screen menu adding items to your order.