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  • Amano Pasta

    Chef Michael Angeloni is bringing his love for pasta to the busy hub of Union Station and thanks to Amano Pasta, the dream of having a glass of wine or a cold beer while waiting for your train is now a reality.

  • Behind the blue-framed windows covered in colourful painted jaguars, Birria Balam is home to authentic Mexican birria tacos. During many trips to Mexico, Chefs Kate Chomyshyn and Julio Guajardo were introduced to birria tacos made in Tijuana. The couple knew they had to bring it to Toronto and after researching the food and traditions of

  • black camel- chicken sandwich

    A sandwich shop doesn’t get to be a Rosedale institution by doing anything less than great work. The Black Camel’s brisket sandwich is the sparks that fly when bubby meets Texas barbecue. The meat has been roasted so long and slow that it melts in your mouth. Its tomato-based sauce is just sweet enough to

  • We don’t know what we love more, the pizza or the branding.  Part of the Food Dudes empire, chef Matt Blondin is cranking out pies with a lot of personality.  Pizza purists that adhere to a certain style like Neopolitan can look elsewhere, but the fermented dough here is worth the visit. Pizzas here fall

  • Butter Chicken Roti

    We could roll around in this roti craze forever! Butter Chicken Roti is the latest and greatest chain of takeout rotis, the Indian curry wrap where they craft all their curry with a special attention to flavour. The goal is to bring Indian spices to the masses of Toronto. The menu is as vast for

  • Café Plenty

    Inspired by the café scenes in London and Paris, Café Plenty is a slice of Europe in the heart of Toronto. Owner Melissa Patterson’s charming spot aims to satiate lunchgoers’ craving for good, honest food, tempting the hungered with freshly made salads, tartes, galettes and sandwiches.

  • Cali Mexican Grill

    No time, no problem! Cali Mexican Grill is a quick-service Mexican spot developed by three lifelong friends with a shared passion and interest in the flavourful cuisine that dominates the Mexican and Californian food culture. The menu is simple: pick between a burrito, taco, quesadilla or bowl, then pick a protein and toppings. What sets


    Don’t feel like waiting for your meal? Why not head over to Chop Chop where the only thing better than the Chinese food is how fast it lands on your plate. Perched on the southwest corner of Dundas and Markham, this fast-food restaurant is making Chinese food healthy and quickly. The interior is clean and

  • Cluck Clucks

    When it comes to fried chicken, Cluck Clucks knows what its doing. The compact, counter-serve restaurant offers diners several variations on one dish: chicken and waffles. Whether it’s a group of flavours you thought you’d never see done on chicken and waffles, such as the Shut the Parm Up option, a chicken breast covered in

  • De La Mer Roncesvalles

    While some may think De La Mer is the west end’s answer to Hooked, co-owner Blake Edwards is quick to note that this is not the case. “We were open long before them,” he points out, referring to the fishmonger’s original Bayview location, which has been going strong for three years.

  • Dim Sum Queen

    The term "food court" does not traditionally conjure up favourable mental images. Prompting memories of greasy fast-food fare consumed under dingy lighting and a seemingly perpetual lack of seating, the food court, along with the high-school lunchroom and the prison cafeteria, has always been on par with some of the least glamorous forms of institutional dining. Yorkdale Shopping Centre's Dine on 3 food collection aims to change that.

  • Don’t let the name of this takeout joint scare you off or you’ll miss a chance at some incredible homemade comfort food! Dirty Food’s name is just a concept that highlights their focus on serving up all your favourite guilty pleasure meals. The restaurant, located in The Junction, has a weekly rotating brunch menu featuring

  • Drake Commissary

    The Drake has gone and done it again. Remember when the original Drake Hotel first stepped out on West Queen West, breathing a gigantic culture-y breath into the once-shabby strip? Hard to imagine but true. Well now cometh the Drake Commissary to the Junction Triangle, an up-and-comer of a ‘hood that’s drawing buckets of cool cats thanks to art galleries, breweries and the incoming Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • north of brooklyn

    Eupin Chinese takeout is a tiny stall in a food court at Yonge and Sheppard serving some of North York’s most authentic Chinese food. Understated and the size of a double doorway, Eupin is not like many of the other Chinese take-away spots in the city. At Eupin, they’re focused on using the best ingredients

  • Euro Pasta

    Originally from Albania, Besnik and Dhurata Gjunkshi opened up the Junction’s Euro Pasta back in 2009. The long and narrow shop offers up homey foods that showcase family recipes passed down through generations. Popular eats include the daily soup, the stuffed cabbage rolls and the baklava, made from a secret honey-free recipe that results in

  • Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs

    With the likes of burgers and poutine getting the gourmet treatment these days, hot dogs aren’t about to be left in the dust. Fusia Dog brought its new take on the hot dog to the entertainment district last year, and now Fancy Franks has joined the fray, having just opened on College Street, just a few steps north of Kensington Market.

  • FLOCK rotisserie + greens (Yonge Sheppard Centre)

    Toronto favourite FLOCK rotisserie + greens’s sixth location has nestled itself amongst the other great food choices at the newly renovated Yonge Sheppard Centre. Diners can expect to see their favourite dishes from any of the downtown locations and the same made-from-scratch each day principle. Of course, the rotisserie chicken is as juicy and comes

  • Foodbenders

    Foodbenders, a new health-conscious take-out lunch joint, has opened on the eastern edge of the Junction. The miniscule shop, helmed by Ottawa natives Kim Hawkins and Kevin Rickey, offers a menu of salads and sandwiches in a variety of permutations that will suit even the most intolerant of eaters. Lactose intolerant? Gluten intolerant? Meat averse? Foodbenders has you covered.

  • Foodwares Market might be an adult version of the high school cafeteria, but this subterranean spot is ideal for those who wish to escape the never-ending thrum of the PATH. Tucked inside Queen station and the lower level of the Bay, this little market is serving up some supremely delicious baked goods and awesome savoury

  • Fuel+

    Fuel+ is a healthy food destination that specializes in juices, coffee but, most of all, smoothies. The smoothie menu boasts extensive 20 different flavour combinations, each packed with all the vitamins and nutrients needed for hours’ worth of productive energy. No smoothie has any gluten or added sweeteners and flavours and are served in jars