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  • Driving away from the Burger’s Priest, your hand will be in the french fry bag because, even ketchup-less, these babies are irresistibly sweet — Yukon gold fresh cut, fried twice in the classic French manner. You’re driving because nobody would want to eat there: It’s too cramped and there are lineups, plus someone may not

  • The Burgernator

    With its black and army-green décor, staff-donned military berets and combative name, The Burgernator is ready for a fight. “I’m a pacifist,” says co-owner Amer Mokdad, “so my weapon of choice is the burger.” Kensington Market’s newest burger joint is keen to offer up handcrafted burgers to those seeking out a quick and hearty bite.  

  • The Good Son

    Chef Vittorio Colacitti has an unusually varied resume. He’s done fine dining (at George, Lucien and Didier); he’s done corporate gigs (he was a chef with Loblaws); he’s done pizza (at Pizzeria Via Mercanti and in Italy) and he’s done television (he was on season four of Top Chef Canada). Now he’s doing his own thing with The Good Son.

  • The Loose Moose

    It takes a serious push to knock a successful sports bar off the track it was on for almost 25 years. But in February, the The Loose Moose responded to the popularity of craft beer and downtown condos by overhauling its menus, expanding its beer selection and updating its decor.

  • The Rec Room

    In a prime location across from the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium and the Rogers Centre, the Rec Room has 40,000 square feet of interactive games, restaurants and live entertainment. The Rec Room’s biggest draw is The Yard, a grown up mid-way featuring over 90 games.

  • The Works

    Burger mania is the name of the game at this downtown burger joint. Known across Canada for having the craziest burger toppings and a countless list of options, The Works takes hamburgers to a whole new level. The interior of this resto looks somewhat like a workshop where tool boxes and exposed pipes line the

  • Union Social

    Union Social Eatery has been expanding all over the GTA. Created as a gathering place for Torontonians to eat, drink and be merry, Union Social has everything you need for an afternoon, evening or even morning pick-me-up. The menu features modern Canadian classics made with fresh and delicious ingredients. Broken down into several cutely named

  • w burger bar- counter burgers

    W Burger Bar offers up killer burgers and sides, sure, but when you order the kids a round of shakes, make sure to request a Chocolate Gorilla Monkey for yourself: Kahlúa, white crème de cacao, crème debanane, Navan liqueur and chocolate ice cream. This really ain’t Arthur Fonzarelli’s malt shop. Right at the Yonge and

  • Wahlburgers

    Wahlburgers, the famed burger restaurant founded by brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg, has made its mark on the Toronto restaurant scene. Wahlburgers is a casual spot to grab a beer and burger before heading to the game. The restaurant has casual bar and table service and serves up standard burger shop fare including freshly