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COVID-19 update: Toronto to move out of Stage 2 to ‘restrict’ level on Nov. 14

Ontario reported 1,050 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, marking a new single-day high for the province. The province also reported an increase of 14 deaths and an increase of 837 resolved cases.

Regions that saw double digit increases include:

  • Toronto, 408 new cases
  • Peel, 212 new cases
  • Halton, 86 new cases
  • York, 76 new cases
  • Durham, 57 new cases
  • Ottawa, 34 new cases
  • Hamilton, 34 new cases
  • Niagara, 31 new cases
  • Simcoe Muskoka, 21 new cases
  • Waterloo, 20 new cases

In his afternoon press conference on Tuesday, Premier Doug Ford announced a revised COVID-19 Response Framework to respond to outbreaks in Ontario — it is meant to help prevent more serious outbreaks, keep vulnerable populations safe, and keep schools open, Ford noted. The framework includes a five-level, colour-coded, tiered system to apply to sector-specific cases:

  • Prevent (green), represents standard measures, that reflect a broad allowance of activities in Stage 3, absent a widely available vaccine or treatment.
  • Protect (yellow), represents strengthened measures, including enhanced targeted enforcement, fines, and enhanced education to limit the spread of further transmission.
  • Restrict (orange), represents intermediate measures, including implementing enhanced measures, restrictions, and enforcement avoiding any closures.
  • Control (red), represents stringent measures — the most severe available before wide-scale business or organizational closure.
  • Lockdown (grey), represents maximum measures — a return to Stage 1.

Under the framework, as of 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 7, Ottawa, Peel, and York Region will move to the restrict (orange) level.

Toronto will move to the restrict level on Nov. 14.

The levels will also reportedly allow restaurants and gyms in COVID hot spots to operate. For restaurants and bars — but not strip clubs — for example, this means that patrons can eat inside, with certain restrictions:

  • Indoor capacity of 50 people, with four people (instead of six) allowed to sit together.
  • Restaurants to close at 10 p.m.
  • Alcohol to be sold/served only between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Screening customers.

“When we look at the dashboard, when we look at the numbers, there are some positive areas,” Ford responded when asked why he made the decision to loosen restrictions when numbers continue to rise around the province. “We see a little bit of the flattening. We see what’s happening in Ottawa, they’re doing extremely good,” Ford added.

Although Ontarians are debating over whether loosening restrictions may be a bit premature.




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