Toronto Tiny Shelters

Toronto carpenter builds tiny shelters for homeless people

Khaleel Seivwright is constructing insulated mini 'homes' to help keep people warm this winter

A Toronto local is raising money to build small, insulated shelters for those without a home during the pandemic. Khaleel Seivwright, a local carpenter, set up a GoFundMe page on September 17, with a goal of raising $20,000 for his philanthropic construction project.

According to Seivwright’s fundraiser page, the tiny home structures are insulated and cost around $1,000 each to produce.  The page outlines that a small portion of the $20,000 fund would go towards renting a storage space, which would allow Seivwright to store material and build in a controlled environment.

The remaining funds will help Seivwright purchase construction supplies for the tiny homes, including insulation, plywood, small windows, door hinges and roofing material.

Seivwright writes on his GoFundMe page that he started the project to help address the limited resources Toronto shelters have to support homeless people in the winter months, a problem that will likely be exacerbated by Covid-19 this year.

“As shelters are usually at capacity at some point in the winter in Toronto and also because of this coronavirus, making space to allow for social distancing will put even more strain on Toronto’s capacity,” the page reads.

Seivwright’s motivation also stems from his love for building and design, as well as his confidence in the success of the project. “I know it might help at least a few people get through this winter who might not and others in the future as well,” he writes. His page includes a picture of a shelter he had previously constructed.

Seivwright has been posting updates of his progress, so donors can follow along with the building journey.  As of October 27, the page has raised $27,828, surpassing its $20,000 goal.

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