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Toronto Vintage Finds: 96 Tears Vintage from pop-up to new permanent shop

Chris Koyionis and Colette Todoroff were just two friends working in the fashion industry before they started their own shop, 96 Tears Vintage. Chris was sewing for a designer after attending fashion school, while Colette had been doing vintage shop pop-ups across the city.

“She wanted something more permanent, and I wanted to do my own thing, so we decided to just go for it and open our own shop,” Koyionis says. “It was terrifying—we had never done anything like that before, but it transpired naturally.”

Koyionis describes the shop’s style as fun and fanciful, a little risky, and never minimalist.

“Vintage shopping is fun because you can get nice designer pieces for affordable prices and expand your wardrobe within a reasonable budget,” he says. “We like to have fun and play with clothes, and we like people to have fun and be silly, too.”

Not only do the owners of 96 Tears love vintage fashion for aesthetic reasons, but they’re also both fans of its environmental impacts.

“I love the sustainability element of it,” Koyionis says. “It feels really good to be recycling and getting the full use of an item.”

So where does the name 96 Tears come from? A cover of the classic rock song by the Cramps, a band the owners both love.

Here are five vintage pieces at 96 Tears Koyionis is loving currently:

Levi’s Shorts, $45

“I’m really into jorts this year for summer and we have tons of them in store,” he says.

Sterling Silver Bambi Pendant, $85

Koyionis says this pendant is one the store’s newest items, and they had it custom made by a jewelry designer.

Square Face Dragon Ring, $85

This stamped silver dragon ring was made in Mexico, and it’s one of Koyionis’s favourite things in the store right now.

Navy Blue 70’s Polo, $45

“I really love the 70s polo shirts with the half button,” Koyionis says. “They’re usually cropped and a bit of a tighter fit, so I think they look really sexy on women or men.”

Designer North Track Pants, $38

“The Designer North pants are pretty fun. We’re also currently designing our own track suit in-house,” Koyionis says.

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