Toronto’s Ben Kunder plays livestream tonight ahead of new album

Toronto singer-songwriter Ben Kunder is playing a livestream concert tonight (March 24) on the heels of announcing a new album scheduled for release on May 29. 

Kunder, who will be streaming an hour-long performance on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, also released a new single and video “Berlin” off the new album. It was written about the up-and-coming musician’s first tour of Germany. 

“’Berlin’ is about finding your strength,” Kunder says. “I realized while touring in Germany how lucky I am to have the privilege to speak up, to tell my story and to actually be heard when so many of the people of my past were denied that right. I don’t take that for granted and this song is not only about being strong but it’s about accepting the fear and darkness we feel and saying it’s okay, we’re alright. That is our strength. This song started a new evolution in my songwriting and inspired the direction of my new album.”



Posted by Ben Kunder Music on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


The album Searching For The Stranger follows up Kunder’s 2018 sophomore effort Better Human with 10 original new songs. 

“I have really discovered my voice as an artist and more than ever before,” says Kunder. “I am trusting myself and my weirdness. Searching For The Stranger is not only about searching for something or someone different but about accepting that the strange and weird can be beautiful, too.”

Tune in at 8pm to watch him play.

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