Bar Koukla

Toronto’s best Greek spot just opened a sister restaurant

Mamakas Taverna is one of the city’s best and busiest restaurants. Their elevated Greek cuisine and contemporary Mediterranean atmosphere makes them stand out among the slew of incredible restaurants on the Ossington strip. So it comes as no surprise that Thanos Tripi, the owner and operator of Mamakas, has opened up a sister spot. 

Bar Koukla opened this week at 88 Ossington Ave. Literally across the street from Mamakas, this new spot took over the space that used to house the Food Dudes outpost, Omaw. Koukla, a term of endearment in Greek, is just the kind of vibe this place is going for. Inspired by the Mezedopolion bars found in Athens and Thessaloniki, the new concept is designed to emulate a coastal and laid back attitude. This is further enhanced by their small plates and lengthy list of organic and biodynamic Greek wines. 



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Mamakas has always been adamant about their appreciation for Greek wine, but Bar Koukla takes it to the next level. The wine bar is dedicated to informing customers of the unique grape varietals coming out of Greece. The menu is composed of a raw bar, which highlights flavours of the Aegan sea, as well as a collection of rotating mezze plates. 


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