Toronto just got its first unicorn-themed cafe

From the owners of the Poop Cafe comes this whimsical new spot

From the people that brought Toronto the somewhat controversial Poop Cafe, comes the city’s first unicorn-themed restaurant.

Unicorn restaurants have become somewhat of a phenomenon over the past year. With pastel and confetti-covered spots popping up in cities like Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and now Toronto.

 Whimsical and explosively colourful, Toronto’s Unicorn Cafe is no joke.

Owners Lien Nguyen and her husband Daniel Molnar, opened the Poop Cafe in 2016. They wanted to bring a dessert cafe to Toronto that was inspired by Nguyen’s travels in Taiwan and Vietnam, where she dined at many poop emoji-themed spots. Located in the Annex, the new cafe from the husband and wife team is serving up a more complex menu than its dessert-only sister restaurant.

The menu at Unicorn Cafe has an assortment of Unicorn-themed dishes, including several popular unicorn desserts from the Poop Cafe.

But this spot also has a full-fledged dinner and lunch menu with dishes like the Unicorn Bento Box, ginormous french fries and magic flying noodles. Their desserts are also super indulgent; the bubblegum milkshake is topped with a glazed donut and a cloud of blue cotton candy, while the unicorn-shaped waffles are just as adorable as they are sweet.



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The decor is obvious, but adorable. Small pink, blue and purple row houses make for private seating areas and the walls are dusted in a sparkly confetti with images of cartoon unicorns prancing around on cotton candy clouds. The back area has a less private dining area with plush couches.

Guests are also invited to don a unicorn onesie upon being seated. There are a collection of multicolour, fleece onesies to choose from, all sporting that classic unicorn horn.

Check out this magical spot at 561 Bloor St. West, open everyday until 10 p.m.