What's the right length for a cocktail dress?

I’m in my late 40s, what’s an appropriate dress length for a cocktail party?

Right now, I love dresses that either have a full skirt in them or are tapered at the bottom for a sexy look.  A fuller skirt needs to at least touch the kneecap otherwise you’ll risk looking like you’re 5-years-old. On most women, I love the skirt or dress length to be hovering just above or at the kneecap.

Of course, you will need to try your dress on with an appropriate shoe to determine the correct proportion.  No surprise: High heels always look best.

I’m feeling the winter wardrobe blues. How can I get some life back into my wardrobe?

With all the great sales going on right now,  this is a perfect chance to consider trying something you wouldn’t normally buy.  We still have some fall/winter pea jackets and motorcycle jackets in interesting tweeds and colours — such as purple, grape and textured black/grey/amethyst — that are flying out of the stores.  These jackets are an easy pick-me-up that you can pair up with solid black now and that can transition your wardrobe from winter to early spring, and then come back out of your closet next fall.

I’m a plus-size woman, can skinny pants work for me? How should I wear them?

Skinny pants are not for everyone but slim pants are.  Find pants that fit you properly — they don’t have to be stovepipe tight but can be slim in leg. Paired with a long tunic sweater or long cardigan, you can look current and modern and not feel uncomfortable. Make sure to buy dark colours like black, charcoal or dark brown.

I’m looking for a warm winter jacket that isn’t frumpy. What kind of cut/style do you suggest?

If you are looking for an alternative to a quilted parka, I would always recommend an updated pea coat. I designed two this Fall —  a flirty little pea coat with an empire waist and a second longer fitted trench-style with a leather belt in textured Italian wool tweeds.

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