You told us, and we listened

New official plan will be predicated on your input

THROUGH THE People Plan Richmond Hill project, you have told us what you value about your community and what you wish to see in the future.

The official plan guiding principles are based on extensive consultation from People Plan Richmond Hill and provincial and regional policy directions.
The principles are rooted in five core directions reflecting the community’s vision of more complete communities, the environment, the economy, place making and improved mobility and connectivity. These principles will help ensure that the plan’s policies and decisions are based on what is best for the community over the long term.

But what is a principle? It is a basic rule that guides a thought or action by stating what direction should be taken on a matter. Through the official plan policies, a principle can be translated into more tangible goals and objectives.

Here is what we’vegathered so far:

Create a vibrant and diverse community that has a mix of land uses, including a balance of housing, employment, parks and services.

Protect and enhance natural environments, their functions and resources over the long term. Incorporate and promote sustainable development practices.

Promote economic vitality and provide for a balanced range of employment opportunities and protect employment areas over the long term.

Recognize and enhance the inherent and unique aspects of Richmond Hill and create focal points, gateways, experiences and landmarks.

Strive for design excellence in the public and private realm. Plan for transit and pedestrian oriented development.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our next sessions.

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